Consent to the processing of personal data

Information in the sense of Art. Section 15 of Act no. 122/2013 Z.z. on the protection of personal data


1.1 The Company carries out the processing of personal data in accordance with Act no. 122/2013 Z. z. on the Protection of Personal Data and on Amendments to Certain Rules, by law no. 351/2011 Z.z. on electronic communications, Act no. 22/2004 Z.z. on electronic commerce and amending Act no. 128/2002 Z.z. on state control of the internal market in consumer protection matters and on the amendment of some laws, as amended by Act No. 284/2002 Coll., All in the wording of later regulations and other legal regulations.




1.2 In accordance with the relevant provisions of Act no. 122/2013 Z. z. on the Protection of Personal Data and on Amendments to Certain Rules (hereinafter "the Act") hereby informs the Company of all the web service users - private persons who provide the Company with their personal data - of the following facts and their legal rights.




1.3 The operator of the information system called software for the management of a motor vehicle is, s.r.o., with its registered office at Odborárska 1381/18, 915 01 Nové Mesto nad Váhom, ID: 46 291 351, § 4 ods. Article 2 b). Act.




1.4 The legal basis for the processing of user's personal data is a contractual relationship in accordance with the provisions of Art. § 10 par. Article 3 b) of the Act. The Company hereby notifies users that the Company as an operator will process the user's personal information without the user's consent for the entire duration of the account of the data subject in the process of concluding a service contract through the registration form as the processing of the user's personal data will be performed by the Company in pre-contractual relations with the user and processing user's personal data is necessary for performance by a contract in which the user acts as one of the parties. Before submitting the registration form, the user will be asked to confirm by ticking the check box before submitting the registration form that the Company has communicated to him in a sufficient, understandable and unmistakable manner all the facts in accordance with the Section 15 of the Act appearing on the website.




1.5 The purpose of the processing of personal data is to ensure that the person concerned is able to use the software to manage the motor vehicle via the website address




1.6 By sending the registration form and ticking the relevant box, he / she acknowledges that his / her personal data will be processed by the Company to the extent specified in the registration form, namely title, name and surname, town, district, postcode, telephone number, email address, nickname .




1.7 The personal data of the persons concerned are obtained through a registration form placed on the relevant website.




1.8 Personal information is provided to the information system on a voluntary basis, based on a pre-contractual and contractual relationship with the Company. In the event that the personal data of the Company does not provide the Company will not be able to fulfill the subject of the contract and make the registration.




1.9 The company informs the data subjects that personal data are not transmitted to and transferred to third countries.




1.10 The company informs the persons concerned that personal data is made available to an IT service provider.




1.11 The company informs the persons concerned that personal data will not be disclosed.




1.12 The user's personal data will be processed throughout the duration of his / her registration on the respective website. If its registration is revoked, the Company as an information system operator will ensure its disposal according to the law. The Registered User may request to cancel the registration by email to the email address given in this document, and an electronic confirmation will be automatically emailed upon cancellation of the registration.




1.13 The rights of a registered user as a person concerned by law are, in particular, the following:


 The person concerned has the right, based on a written request from the operator - to require the Company:


 a) confirmation of whether personal data are processed or processed,

 b) in a generally understandable form of the information on the processing of personal data in the information system in the scope according to § 15 par. (1) (a) to (e), second to sixth points; when issuing a decision under paragraph 5, the person concerned is entitled to become acquainted with the procedure for the processing and evaluation of operations,

 c) in a generally understandable form, precise information on the source from which it obtained its personal data for the processing,

 d) in a generally comprehensible form, a list of its personal data which is the subject of processing,

 e) correcting or liquidating any incorrect, incomplete or outdated personal data that is being processed,

 f) the liquidation of its personal data whose purpose of processing has ended; if they are the subject of processing, official documents containing personal data, they may request their return,

 g) the liquidation of its personal data that is being processed, if there has been a violation of the law,

 h) blocking its personal data by reason of withdrawal of consent prior to expiry of its period of validity if the operator processes personal data subject to the consent of the person concerned.


The right of the person concerned under Section 28 (1) (e) and (f) may be limited only if such a restriction results from a separate law or its application would undermine the protection of the person concerned or violate the rights and freedoms of others. The person concerned, upon written request, has the right to object to the operator


 a) the processing of personal data which it considers to be or will be processed for the purposes of direct marketing without its consent, and to request their liquidation,

 b) the use of the personal data referred to in Section 10 Article 3 (d) for the purposes of direct marketing by post, or

 c) the provision of personal data referred to in Section 10 Article 3 (d) for the purposes of direct marketing.


The person concerned may, at the written request or personally, if the case does not delay, have the right at any time to object to the processing of personal data in the cases pursuant to Section 10 Article 3 a), e), f) or g) by giving valid reasons or by providing evidence of unauthorized interference with its rights and the rights of the protected interests that are or may be damaged in such a case by such processing of personal data; if the legal grounds do not prevent it and it is proved that the objection of the person concerned is legitimate, the operator shall be obliged to block and dispose of the personal data the processing of which the person concerned has complained without undue delay as soon as circumstances allow. The person concerned may, at the written request or personally, if the case does not delay the deferment, have the right to oppose the operator at any time and not to take a decision of the operator which would have legal effects or significant effect on the operator if such a decision is based exclusively on the automated processing operations personal data. The person concerned has the right to require the operator to review the decision issued by a method other than the automated form of processing, the operator being obliged to comply with the request of the person concerned, in such a way that the decision-maker will have a decisive role in reviewing the decision; on the method of review and the result of the finding, the operator informs the person concerned within the time limit according to § 29 par. 3. The person concerned shall have no right to do so only if a specific law provides for measures to safeguard the legitimate interests of the person concerned or if, in the context of pre-contractual relationships or during the existence of contractual relationships, the operator has issued a decision to the satisfaction of the person concerned, or where, under the contract, the operator has taken other appropriate measures to safeguard the legitimate interests of the person concerned. Where the person concerned exercises his / her right: (a) in writing and from the content of his / her application, that he / she is exercising his / her right, the application shall be deemed to have been filed under this Act; a request made by e-mail or fax shall be delivered by the person concerned in writing no later than three days after the date of dispatch; (b) personally orally, to the minutes from which it must be clear who has exercised the right to claim what is being claimed and when and who has drawn up the minutes; the signature of the person concerned; a copy of the minutes shall be handed over by the operator to the person concerned; (c) the intermediary referred to in (a) or (b) shall be obliged to hand over the application or record to the operator without undue delay. When the person concerned suspects that his or her personal data is being unduly processed, the person concerned may file a petition for the opening of a personal data protection action. If the person concerned is not fully entitled to legal action, his / her rights may be exercised by a legal representative. If the person concerned does not live, his or her rights under this Act may be exercised by a close person. The request of the person concerned under Section 28 (1) (a) to (c), (e) to (h) and 3 to 5 shall be provided by the operator free of charge. The request of the person concerned under Section 28 (1) (d) shall be provided free of charge by the operator, in addition to payment of a sum which can not exceed the amount of the expense actually incurred in connection with the making of copies, with the incorporation of technical means and with the forwarding of information to the person concerned, unless otherwise provided in a special law. The operator shall provide in writing the request of the person concerned pursuant to paragraphs 1 and 2 not later than 30 days after the date of receipt of the application. Limitation of the rights of the person concerned pursuant to Section 28 (2), the operator shall inform the person concerned and the Office in writing without undue delay.




1.14 In connection with the use of our services, the Company may collect certain additional information, such as the name of the Internet Service Provider and the IP address through which you subscribe to our services, the date and time of access to those services, These data are obtained either randomly, without prior identification of the purpose and means of processing, without the intention of further processing them in the ordered system according to specific criteria and are not further systematically processed or necessary for the proper provision of the service to users.




1.15 You may use e-mail address for any comments and questions about the protection of your personal data and for contacting you in the exercise of your statutory rights.